ENUF exists to help underprivileged youth thrive and succeed in achieving their dreams.

Unfortunately violence, poverty, and a lack of education and opportunity rob many young people of a chance to succeed. ENUF believes and has witnessed that when people are given positive alternatives, guidance, and opportunities, they improve.

When young people have hope, direction, and good opportunities, they make better decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

ENUF takes a proactive approach in creating real and positive change in the world. It is not ENUF to blame others, one must do and give good things in order to make a positive difference.

Ten percent of every purchase on our website goes to a scholarship fund for underprivileged kids. For example, when you spend $100, $10 goes directly to a young person who needs it.

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We plan to open ENUF centers in urban environments where American youth face higher levels of poverty and crime. The centers will be a safe haven for learning, fun, and education. The ENUF centers will be open 24/7 for kids to come play sports and hang out at no cost. They will be required to attend at least one class per week if they want to continue to use the facility. The classes will cover life skills and things like how to prepare a resume, do well on tests, balance a check book, use credit responsibly, etc. It is our hope that these safe havens will save some youth from the temptations of drugs, crime, and violence. We will also incorporate some type of mentorship and accountability program and provide counseling for attendees.