One of the main ways that ENUF will impact life and culture in America will be to contribute to the fixing of our downtrodden neighborhoods. The communities I am referring to are those that lack qualities that every American community should have: safety, education, and an opportunity for a better future.

There are some cities and communities in America where young people do not have adequate protection, mentoring, or a path to success in life. Their odds of becoming an educated, successful member of America are much lower than kids who grow up in more affluent communities. This is a part of what some term inequality.

There are those people in America that overemphasize personal responsibility as a means to ignore inequality. You can maintain that an individual must take personal responsibility, while helping to create an environment where they have more education and opportunity. The two are not mutually exclusive.

ENUF’s approach to improving communities is to enable a community to improve itself. This should resonate with those who believe in personal responsibility. At ENUF, we do not believe that a middle person is necessary to fix our American communities. In fact, by politicizing the issue, and looking to the government for aid, we devalue ourselves. It does not make sense to keep doing the same things and expect different results. Clearly, government is not equipped or does not care enough to help improve struggling communities. They are content to let you continue to fail and suffer. We must, with God’s help, fix the problems ourselves.

If the government wants to provide some sort of aid, we are not opposed to that. We do not consider, at this point, the government our enemy. In fact, we simply don’t believe it is even their responsibility to help us. We can and will “help ourselves”. We do not need the government, the police, or the military in order to stop killing each other. We should be able to stop doing that ourselves. We do not need anyone else to teach our children right and wrong and basic moral ideals. However, we do need state and city government to provide just police officers. We do need them or private schools to provide ¬†great learning environments for our children, if we are unable to home school them ourselves.

ENUF will be contributing to the building of “after school” programs in communities that could benefit from them. We will enrich the lives of our youth by giving them the opportunity to learn and better themselves. By having new opportunities for a bright future, youth can say no to paths filled with violence and destruction. If we empower our youth and teach them how to be successful, they will become arguably our strongest asset in fixing communities.